Our History

                   Adao Family

In the New Testament, the birth of church started in Jerusalem (Acts 2) when the gospel is preached and lives were transformed by the Holy Spirit’s power. A congregation is formed and shepherds are carefully placed over God’s flock. The same spiritual sequence is repeated city after city. Through these local churches, people are being transformed.

It was by the grace of God, that the Adao family, Edwin, Liza, Erwin & Nicol, has been called by God to minister and start the church, now TLIG full gospel ministry. Two Indian families, Bro. Matthew and Bro. Biju, shared the Gospel of Christ to their family and from then on, they made a vow to God that they will completely commit their family to prayer and devotion, aside from continually attending fellowships and Bible studies from house to house.

As the years passed by, God spoke to Edwin & Liza through visions and divine revelations. In the year 2000, Edwin had seen a vision that God shall bring souls under his care to feed them. From this time onwards, pastors from different churches approached their family to cater Bible studies. In February 2000, one pastor came to their house and prophesied that “God will use them in different nations”. After a week, another Pastor, whom the family did not know personally, came to their house & asked them a lot of questions. It is exactly what happened in the whole chapter of Joshua 22. Then this pastor asked them to kneel down and said, “I’ve been sent by God to anoint you”. Edwin and Liza knelt and he prayed for them. He declared to them, “From now on they will not call you brother, but Pastor, and you are going to take care of His flock.”

God used pastors from different local churches in Abu Dhabi to anoint Edwin Adao as Pastor.

THE LORD IS GOD FULL GOSPEL MINISTRY was started through visions and divine revelations to Pastor Edwin & Sister Liza. The church was built to witness & declare Jesus’ empowering presence. This church is a shadow of the old churches in Acts.

God’s high calling to Pastor Edwin to continue Jesus ministry here on earth started in February 13, 2004. Through the years, God has continually given him the grace & favor to successfully shepherd the congregation. The name of the church given by God, is in Joshua 22:34 ” And the children of Reuben and the children of Gad called the altar Ed, for it shall be a Witness between us that the Lord is God“.

We believe that God’s great concern is for the extension of His Kingdom, the spreading of the Gospel, & for the world to understand who Jesus really is, and all of these depends on local Christian Churches.

We are thankful for what God has done and is doing in our church, reaching others with the gospel of Christ. Come join us! To God be the glory!