Usher/ Usherette Ministry

  • Vision & Mission

Ushering Ministry -Vision & Mission

Ushering Ministry – a part of the hospitality system of our church is played by the role of the ushers and greeters work together in the system of creating a wonderful welcome experience for our church visitors, guests and members thus helping them including repeat visitors and first time guests shape that first impression which in turn may very well shape a visitor’s journey to Christ, experience the love and the presence of God as well as the sacredness and joy of a worship service.

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Psalm 84:10

Ushering Ministry – composed of church greeters and ushers.

1.Church Greeters 
-Focus their attention in the lobby areas or exterior entry doors
– Focus on guests and members in the lobby and can engage meaningful small talk with guests and members
– Focus on to welcome, inform and serve guests in the parking lot, sidewalks and the entrance to our lobby when applicable.

Church greeters tasks are:

⁃ Greeting people at the door
⁃ Greeting people at the worship service
⁃ Greeting people after the service is over

Church greeters are one of the most important experiences for first time visitors. How your guests experience your greeters is one of the central influences in their decision to return to your church.

2. Church Ushers
Responsible for inside the sanctuary or auditorium starting from the interior entry doors.

Overall Duties of the Ushering Ministries

1. Preparing the venue for worship
2. Assembling and arranging chairs
3. Cleaning the seating area and entrance area
4. Arranging flowers
5. Preparing the ushers stuff such as offering bag, offering envelopes, prayer requests slip, new comers/visitors slip, attendance notebook
6. Distributing tracks, invitations, bulletins or programs if any
7. Attending to pastor or visiting speaker’s needs such as pulpit, microphone, or even a bottle of water
8. Preparing the table and elements for communion
9. Attendance counting
10. Keeping order at the entrance
11. Helping people to seat/guide with a smile
12. Maintaining order and decorum (proper behavior with respect and good manners) during the service
13. Collecting tithes and offering – passing of the offering bags starting from the backside during exhortation of giving
14. Do the extra mile such as bring a box of tissue, a bottle of water for the speaker, straighten the chairs, pick up any trash, keeping back the flowers and the ushering stuff in its place and help tidy up of the table and communion stuff

Each worship service, ushers and greeters of the Ushering Ministry are usually some of the first servants if not are the first to arrive at the church venue. They make sure things are in order and get into their positions to greet members and visitors. During the worship service, ushers safeguard the entrance, aisles and financial offering of the church.