Weekly Bread

Spiritual Growth!-March 9,2018 (Click here)

Spiritual growth is different from spiritual maturity. It is a process while spiritual maturity is the fruit of spiritual growth.

Where is the Love ?-March 2,2018(Click here)

One of the measure of our maturity is our love for God and our love for others.


God’s Love to Us-Feb. 16 2018 (Click here)

God’s Love Shown through Jesus Christ


Grow in Grace !-Feb. 9 2018 ( Click here)

Grace is a gift of God

A man of many excuses-Feb.2 2018 (Click here

No matter what our excuses, God wants us to know that He loves us.


Life’s Priorities -Jan.26,2018 ( Click here)

Your first priority in life is your relationship with Jesus Christ.

From Hindrance to Opportunity Jan.19,2018(CLick here)

God is sovereign and has good purposes, hardships are opportunities.

Live Victoriously-Jan.12,2018(Click here)

Desire victory over your difficulties

Be blessed -Jan 5,2018 (Click here)

The greatest blessing the whole world is being a blessing.”  Jack Hyles