Spiritual House Cleaning (My Heart, Christ’s Home)


(Spiritual House Cleaning)

December 29, 2017 / TLIG – Friday Service / Sis. Maricel Gagarin

Text: Psalm 51:10, John 14:23, 1Cor 6:19

Before we met Jesus, our lives are a total mess, full of chaos & everything is out of order. When we accepted the Lord Jesus into our lives, & when we invited Him to come into our hearts, He forgave all our sins and cleansed us from all our unrighteousness & from all our impurities. So we became Christians already – Christ is living in us. But there comes a time or at some point in our lives that we mess up. We do make a mess in our lives sometimes, if not, oftentimes. Because there is this thing called… Entropy – a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder. The state of disorder and disorganization. For instance, we organize our wardrobe, we clean the entire house, we tidy up the kitchen and after a while, it gets dirty again. That is the Law of Entropy






Before we enter 2018, I believe this is the perfect time for all of us to do some cleaning of CHRIST’s HOME— OUR HEARTS. Today, let us compare our hearts to a literal house with different parts or rooms. Let us imagine ourselves with Jesus and taking Him into each room in our hearts.


Represents our Thought Life – this is the room of our minds. It is the control room of the whole house.

Sinful, evil thoughts are often something we believers struggle with. We may not be able to keep the thoughts from entering our minds but we can keep them from staying in our mind by kicking them the moment they arrive!

Martin Luther quoted, “You cannot stop the birds from flying over your heads, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair”

Giving in to those thoughts and allowing them to linger in our heads, allows them to take root inside our heart and begin to control our lives.

2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV) – Self-discipline

Control your mind before it controls you. God’s words help us to recognize thoughts for what they really are and how to act or not to act upon them.

Mark 7:20-23 | Romans 12:2 | Colosians 3:1,2 | Ephesians 4:22,23 | 2Cor 4:8



Deals with our Appetites, Cravings & Desires. This is where we spend a lot of time trying to satisfy our wants.

1 John 2:16

Lust is any sinful desire contrary to the will of God

a. Lust of the flesh – relates to the physical/ sensual pleasure.

-Something we do that makes the flesh feels satisfied.

-It involves anything that will bring pleasure to the body

-examples: sexual sins, gossip, physical violence, over-eating, over-sleeping

Philippians 3:19 – Is your stomach your god?

Proverbs 23:20,21 – Gluttony, Drinking

Romans 13:14 – Do not gratify the desires of the flesh

Let our food be doing the will of the Father. It is the only food that will surely satisfy (John 4:34)

b. Lust of the Eyes / Lust of Covetousness – the temptation to look upon things we shouldn’t look upon or to have things we shouldn’t have. To covet means to have a yearning or a strong desire to have something that rightfully belongs to someone else.

-examples: You see the latest phone, & must have it! or “David’s case on Bathsheba” or “Eve when she saw the fruit of the tree in the garden, & it was pleasing to the eyes.

Even Jesus, when tempted in the wilderness after 40 days of fasting, Satan showed him the kingdoms of the world. Satan uses visual tools as an avenue for temptation. Let’s set our eyes on Jesus

Our focus should not be on the newest product or the latest fashion. Our goal is to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings. Philippians 3:10

c. The Pride of Life – Describes the arrogant spirit of self-sufficiency. It is the spirit that made Lucifer, the beautiful angel, turn into satan. It expresses the desire for recognition, status, applause & advantage.



This is the pride of life – a million fold reflection of self I, I, I.

1 Cor 1:21; Psalm 20:7; Gal 6:14; Rom 15:17; Jer 9:23




It pictures our Communion/ Fellowship with God. Our Prayer Life, where we develop intimacy with God. Our daily devotion or feeding thru His words (Bible reading)

Job 23:12; Psalm 119:103; Matthew 4:4

Meditation – Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1:2

God wants to have a close relationship with us. James 4:8

God wants to reveal himself to us much more than we want to know him. Jer. 33:3

Those who know the Lord has a sense of desperation to be with him. Jer. 29:12-14

Every morning the Lord is waiting in the living room of our hearts always wanting to talk to us and give us instructions and directions for the day ahead. Let us not fail to meet Jesus every morning. Psalm 143:8, Psalm 5:3


It speaks about what we do for the Lord & to others – it involves our talents, gifts, abilities and all that we have.

Luke 19:13; Eph 2:10; 1 Cor 15:58; Gal 6:9,10; Matt 28:19,20

What are you doing for the Lord? Are you using your gifts, your talents & your abilities for the glory of God? What do have in your hands that you can offer to God?


It shows what we do, where we go, how we spend our leisure time & who we hang out with. It involves our relationships

Any relationship, friendship, companionship that will SHIPwreck your faith, lead you astray, cause you to drift away from serving the Lord & draw you apart from God, you need to immediately ABANDON ship.

1Cor 15:33 – bad company corrupts character

2 Cor 6:14; Rom 13:11-14


Points out to the Hidden Things in our lives, a small room where we keep the secrets of our hearts. We didn’t want to show Him this area

These are the unsurrendered matters in our lives to God which we thought only us knew about it. These are the few things from our old life that are dead & rotting and as days or years pass by, it will eventually smell & stink if we don’t want to clean it.

It will not go unnoticed because it produces an odorous smell. IT STINKS! It will affect the entire house.

Luke 8:17; Matt 10:26

Brethren, how is your heart as a dwelling place of God? Will Jesus be comfortable to dwell in your heart?

1 Peter 1:16; 2Corinthians 7:1; Jeremiah 17:9,10


When we came to Jesus, did we accept Him as our Lord and Savior? Or, we just need Him as our Savior but not Lord of our lives.

Brethren, is there any unsurrendered area of your life to the Lord? Is there any secret or unknown sin that we are unable to give up? Now is the time to give it all to the Lord. It’s about time to surrender all to Jesus.

Today is the day to give Him not only the key but the title of your house. Make Him the owner of your house. Let Him dwell and totally clean the house. Let Him rule, & your house will never be the same again.

As our response to God, let’s cry out to Him, “Create in me a clean heart oh God”

And if there is anyone here who has not accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior, your life is messy, dark and it even stinks. Today is the day of your salvation. He is knocking at the door of your heart. Make room for Jesus in your heart. Revelations 3:20